My Videography

My video work is done with a pretty minimal setup in my office/studio.

DSC_0005For recording, I use a Canon Vixia HF200 HD Camcorder. It might not be the most advanced camera out there, but it does the trick.

To handle lighting, I use the LimoStudio soft light box which also assists me in my photography work.




In terms of editing/processing, most people prefer Final Cut Pro, but I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and am currently learning Adobe AfterEffects CS6.

It’s a very stable platform which allows a lot of control over very minute details and it’s wide compatibility with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite is a big help.


Premiere I


Despite operating on a shoestring budget and spartan facilities, I’m still able to put stuff like my vlog, The Insomniac, together: