My Books

Terminal Offender Cover II

In the near future, citizens are measured not by the content of their character, but by the composition of their brain chemistry.

This is not considered segregation. It’s law enforcement.

Kyle Parker was classified as one of the worst the day he was born. A Code: Red. A Terminal Offender.

He will kill someone at some point. He doesn’t know who, how, when, or even why, but to police officer Alex Hayes, it’s a guarantee, despite Kyle’s best efforts to prove otherwise.

Now, events are set in motion where Kyle will not only have to confront his demons, but also his past, the present, and the future for not just himself, but everyone else. The question is how far is he willing to go for the life he wants?

Status: First Draft completed – July, 2014. Currently in second draft revisions.


Sir Gideon CoverTo his schoolmates, ten-year-old Christopher is a weird kid with a big imagination. Unlike them, he doesn’t spend his time outside of class in the virtual world.

What his friends don’t know is what lies in the forest behind his home is the doorway to a much older and fantastical world than any of them can possibly imagine. A world of knights, magic, powerful creatures and a warlock bent on conquering it.

When he steps across the threshold, he is no longer Christopher. He becomes Sir Gideon, Knight of Ionia.

After his secret is discovered and a girl becomes lost, he and his band of comrades must race against both time and the forces of Tyrus Draconius to find her before she shifts the balance of the war forever.

Status: First Draft completed. Second Draft pending.



20-20 CoverMichael Longfellow was once blind. Now he can see, and what he sees is the assassination of the man thought by many to be the next President of the United States.

The mechanical eyes he’d been given had come from someone who’d been at the scene. Someone who saw the men who killed John Phillip Chamberlain. Which makes Michael the most wanted man in the world.

His only hope to stay alive rests with a federal agent, but how does he survive when everyone is looking for the one thing he doesn’t want to see?





Wrath Cover

Five priests are dead across three states, murdered in grizzly fashion by someone who believes he is the embodiment of the Archangel Michael, sent back to punish those who committed the ultimate sin against God’s children.

Some see Michael as a psychopath. Others call him a hero. FBI agent Jonah Miller has been tasked with stopping him, but he is not what he once was.

To catch him, Jonah will have to put aside his own pain and form an unlikely alliance with one of his oldest friends, Father Declan Rhys.

But what is the greater wrath? The wrath of God against man or the wrath of man against God?




Night School CoverAt Day School, Ben Chapman is nothing and his classmates never let him forget it.

At Night School, however, he is a god. It’s his world and it’s driving him insane.

His only friends, Steve and Alicia, decide to make a last ditch effort to save him, but it means going into Night School itself, and if they’re not careful, it could kill them all.

Because one you’re in Night School, there are no rules and no way out.






Mongoose-Cobra IIt’s 1960. The United States and Soviet Union are the two mightiest powers on the planet, still reveling the spoils of World War II while also opposing each other in a Cold War that could become the most devastating war ever conceived by man with the push of a button.

Both sides have maneuvered their pieces across the global chess board and in the city of Berlin, spies are as common as the rats that lurk with them in the shadows.

Jeremy Douglas (Code Name: Cobra) and Nikolai Gogunov (Code Name: Mongoose) are the newest knights of the CIA and KGB. For the next 30 years, they will play the great game as the balance of power tips back and forth between their nations, the fate of the world going to the winner.

These are the stories of The Mongoose and The Cobra.


Short Stories:

Pink Slip CoverIn the cutthroat world of corporate conglomeration, there is no use for people who cannot keep the machines of profit churning on perpetual overdrive.

That’s where I come in. I am a corporate assassin.

My business is the Pink Slip.

My next job is one that could make or break my career. All I need to do is take down a CEO.

Sounds simple, but one mistake and I will get a first-hand lesson in the Golden Rule of 21st century business.

Everyone is expendable.



Awakening the Giant Cover

The great star Dariphos is dying after eons of providing life to the system which orbits it. On the fourth planet, Archduke Raleh Belekos has crafted a desperate plan that could save his people.

Using their technology to harness the power of one dying giant to awaken another. The brown dwarf Valgaroth.

Standing in his way are the zealots of the Qa’val, who worship Dariphos as a benevolent god whose prophesized death heralds Armageddon, and see Valgaroth as a jealous and malevolent twin.

With the future of the planet at stake, what else can be done but to wake the sleeping giant?