Self IDevin Higgins was born and raised in New England and spent nearly 30 years living in the Pacific Northwest. He currently lives in Massachusetts.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media from Pacific University – Oregon, and is the first member of his family to have attained a college degree.

As a journalist, Devin has worked in newspapers, radio, television and digital media and using his voice as a broadcaster of news and both professional and amateur sports.

His media interests also extend to podcasting, where he’s hosted and produced several shows covering a wide range of subjects, including ‘The LARGO (Let’s All Really Geek Out) Podcast,’ ‘The All-Out Blitz,’ ‘Skull Sessions,’ and ‘Fight-Item-Run.’

His vlog, The Insomniac, is available on YouTube.

Devin wrote his first award-winning story as a second grader in Raymond, New Hampshire and has continued to write short stories and two novels, The Tales of Sir Gideon of Ionia and Terminal Offender.  He has several other projects in the works, including a new noir series he’s working on now called The Insomniac.

As a photographer, Devin has spent more than 30 years capturing portraits and landscapes. He brings his Nikon camera with him just about anywhere and is known to be out and about all hours of the day and night acquiring new images…

…he’s a little weird that way.